Eparchial Coat of Arms

The Eparchial Coat of Arms for the Eparchy of New Westminster is registered with the European Heraldic Society.

The Eparchial Coat of Arms’ primary colours are blue and yellow which are the symbolic colours of our Ukrainian heritage.  The top of the Coat of Arms contains, the Bishop’s Mitre (Crown), the Cross, the Bishop’s crozier (staff) and panagia with the Blessed Mother of God depicted at  the bottom.  All of these are symbols of the Office of the Bishop.

The Canadian Maple Leaf is displayed honouring our Canadian roots and as a Church that lives and participates in Canadian life.  The Dogwood flower in the centre is the provincial floral emblem of British Columbia.  The purple flower is the floral emblem of the Yukon Territories.  These flowers are depicted to signify the Eparchy of New Westminster and the territory the Eparchy covers.

In the centre of the Coat of Arms is the Chalice and “Ahnetz” (Host) depicting the Eparchial See of the Bishop located at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Eucharist in New Westminster.  The letters on the “Ahnetz” (Host) are in Greek “ICXC NIKA” and translate as “Jesus Christ Conquers.