Independence Day Tour of Ukraine

with Fr. Damian & Sr. Angelica

Itinerary for Independence Day Tour of Ukraine

16 August 2016



17 August2016



depart Home City



Arrive Kyiv [5:15 PM]

Transfer to the Radisson Blu Hotel

Dinner to be advised*


18 August 2016


 After breakfast

9:00 AM city sightseeing tour

“Kyiv” is the capital of Ukraine and the most important cultural, scientific & industrial centre of Ukraine. Today Kyiv, situated on the banks of the Dnipro River, has a population of over 3 million.

We will visit the Golden Gate [1017-1024] the main triumphal entrance of ancient Kyiv. In 1648 the residents of kyiv greeted B. Khmelnytsky’s Kozak regiments near the Golden Gate. In 1750 the gate’s remains were covered with earth and the ruins were excavated and reinforced in 1837. In 1982 a pavilion was built above the Golden Gate to recreate the original appearance of the monument. We will visit St. Michael’s Church and St. Andrews, including the market near St. Andrews


Lunch @ Ukrainian Buffet restaurant [TBA]

After lunch, visit Pecharska Lavra Cave Monastery, great place to shop for Icons.

We will see the Mariyinsky Palace and Parliament. Many Historic buildings are located in this area. Visit the War Museum and Statue.


Dinner [time & restaurant TBA*]



19 August 2016


After breakfast

Attend “Feast of the Transfiguration Liturgy” at

Patriarchal Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ

Lunch [time & restaurant TBA*]

Sightseeing – to be advised* “Visit to St. Basil”


20 August 2016


After breakfast

Visit the Market with many Arts and handicrafts. Walking tour of the Main street of Kryschatyk [which is closed on Saturday to vehicles] it is a great time to walk the area. And sightsee


Lunch on our own near the Square [*] 

Return to the hotel to check out @ 4:00 PM

Get our luggage – to depart by train @ 5:00PM

[time TBA – only 3 months prior to buy tickets]You may buy a snack for the train. The train serves food and drinks at a cost. 

Arrive Lviv approximately 10:30PM – transfer to Ternopil to the Ternopil Hotel. [will arrive late]

21 August 2016


After breakfast

This is a great day to visit relatives,

[we will have a city tour, however, you may choose your time, if visiting relatives]Lunch on your own in the square [lovely spot]Shopping is wonderful –

TBA for sightseeing [lunch & dinner on our own]

Dinner on our own – however we will go to the historic Flour Mill Restaurant. Many will be at Villages and visiting relatives – those left will go with Sister Angelica to the restaurant.

22 August 2016





23 August 2016


After breakfast

TBA ½ day tour or rest –

People will be visiting Villages & Relatives

Lunch and dinner on our own

After breakfast

TBA ½ day tour [lunch on our own]

3:00 PM Depart for Lviv or ASTORIA Hotel

Dinner at the hotel [time TBA]*



24 August 2016


After breakfast

“INDEPENDENCE DAY” Those that wish to join in the Divine Liturgy @ St. George’s we will advise the time. [lunch on our own][It is within walking distance or Taxi]

Time to enjoy the festivities in the Squares

With music and singing. Very moving day!

Lunch on our own “Special Dinner *@ the Hotel 5:00pm” evening free to enjoy


25 August 2016




After breakfast9:30 AM Your Guide Dianna will meet you at the hotel for a full day walking tour of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SIGHTS

Coffee breaks, lunch and dinner [TBA on our own]







26 August 2016








27 August 2016












28 August 2016


After breakfast

9:30 AM Dianna will meet you at the Hotel and you will visit Lychakiv Cemetery, Vysoky Zamok, the Catholic University and Opera House. Balance of day is free,

Lunch on your own

Dinner @ the Hotel 

After breakfast

A special Divine Liturgy is being held @ St. George’s church with Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk and many Ukrainian Catholic Bishops from around the world in honor of the Sister’s Servants of Mary Immaculate 125th Anniversary.

TBA there will be a performance [?]

TBA Tour to the Museum of National Architecture & Rural Life [Shevchenko Hai]

Lunch & dinner on our own – TBA

After breakfast [early]

Depart for Hoshiv [Basillian Monastery]with Father Damian for the Festive Day “celebrated on 28 August”

Lunch on our own

[or] those wishing to go to the ordination of “Mykhailo Ozorovych” being ordained for the Eparchy of New Westminster will be taken directly to Ivano Frankivsk.  

Meet @ the end of the day continue to the Carpathian Mountains check into The ROMANTIC SPA HOTEL

Dinner @ the hotel*

29 August 2016


After breakfast

Visit markets, and Bukovel

Lunch and dinner *– Rest & enjoy

30 August 2016


After breakfast

Visit Markets – rest & enjoy

Lunch and dinner*



31 August 2016


After breakfast,

Pack/stroll last minute

Depart for Zarvanytsia

Lunch by donation in Zarvanytsia

Arrive in Lviv – dinner @ the hotel


1 September 2016


Transfer for your departure home.

Kyiv - Київ

Ternopil - Тернопіль

Lviv - Львів

Ivano-Frankivsk - Івано-Франківськ

Bukovel - Буковель

Zarvanytsya - Зарваниця

Land Package $2625.00 U.S. Dollars

[includes all breakfasts & [*] meals]

FLIGHTS: please call Luba@Captain Cook

Toll free: 1 877-430 6789

[You may extend your stay]



A non refundable deposit of $700.00 U.S. due 25 April 2016

Final Balance $1925.00 U.S due 01 June 2016


*Flights: Please call Luba @ our office to book your flights


*Please advise any special visits to Villages and/or Archives in order that we may help to pre arrange vehicles for you and advise costs.


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