Mission Days - A Ten Day Journey

Thursday, May 14 - Sunday, May 24

O Lord, God, shine forth the light of Your Holy Gospel, so that the Christian faith might spread through us, the baptized, as children of the Light. Let us be witnesses to Your Living Presence in our lives and in our parish community, O Lord, hear us and have mercy.

Dear parishioners, you are invited to embark  on an extraordinary pilgrimage that will last for ten days—from the Ascension (May 14) to the Pentecost (May 24). During this time the attention of our entire Church will be towards our common vocation as “missionaries,” that is to say a community ready to share God’s Word of salvation with others.

We read in the Mission Days Guidebook: “Through our active participation in the spiritual efforts of these ten Mission Days, once again we are called upon to discover and understand anew that our parish communities and families (domestic churches) are missionary in nature. Such understanding flows form the gift of our Baptism, by virtue of which, and through the power of its mystery, we have committed ourselves to believe, live, serve, and share the experience of our faith in Christ; and not simply with our family members, but with everyone we meet in life”.

Let our entire parish community gather on May 14, the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, in our church to begin this pilgrimage together. Let us pray that the Lord might renew our life in God by the grace and intercession of the Holy Spirit.

Please contact your parish office for a Mission Days schedule. If you cannot participate in the Mission Days during these 10 days days you can make this pilgrimage at home with you family. Dedicate at lest 5 minutes of your time during these 10 days by praying with the “Mission Days Guidebook” and contemplating how you can fulfill the mission task (also included in this Guidebook). The booklets are also available in all of our parishes throughout the Eparchy.

    Mission Days Guidebook – English version    Путiвик Декади Мiсiйностi – українська версія